Vendor Financial Model

During the M&A process in mining, the Vendor will typically release a “Vendor Financial Model”. This provides the Vendor’s view on future costs and revenue.  It is up to the Buyer to review and confirm these assumptions, setting the stage for an agreement on the transaction value. 

In our experience, the Vendor’s future cost assumptions will typically have an element of “blue sky” opportunity built into their view on costs – the outcome of business improvement initiatives, improved planning, etc.   These built-in opportunities can provide for an inflated view as to the value of the asset.

Part of the role of Due Diligence process is to identify and separate out these built-in opportunities from actual performance, to enable the Buyer to achieve better value from the transaction. 

With our deep experience in understanding of value in mining, including as mining cost estimators, MEC Advisory provides real-world expertise to help our clients achieve the greatest value from the Due Diligence process.

6 Critical Considerations for Strategic Mine Planning

Recent mining publications have been reflecting on the current state of the industry, many referring to the cumulative effect of decisions made in response to both the pandemic and the GFC. Citing poor investor confidence, the dangers of knee-jerk cost-cutting exercises and business initiatives that lack any long-term strategic intent, the expert view is that now is a prime time for reflection, planning and action.

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Continuous Improvement

A major multinational mining company was seeking assistance with improving the mines performance due to pressures resulting from low commodities prices. MEC supplied an experienced Principal Mining Engineer to audit the sites performance and work with the management team to develop a strategy to improve the sites performance. This review resulted in a multi-pronged strategy to target:

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Bringing Realism to Feasibility Studies

With the experience gained from a variety of different mining backgrounds and a good mix of operational and planning experience MEC is able to provide a holistic and common sense approach to feasibility studies. By assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats presented by various mining scenarios, the team is able to differentiate between what could be achieved and what will be achieved.  This in turn produces best practice mining solutions, produces real world outcomes and provides a high degree of confidence in all projects undertaken for ours clients. 

This process of applying realistic evaluations to Life of Mine Plans (LOM) was utilised by MEC at an iron ore mine in Scandinavia where impracticable costs were used to create an optimised pit. By drawing on the pool of knowledge at MEC an updated pit shell was developed which when scheduled removed significant ore gaps within the LOM.

Agile advisory services

Our Mining Advisory Team is agile and cover a broad range of projects for our clients. One day you could be on-site conducting Mine Audits or Mine Project Reviews and the next day you could be back in the office working on a Due Diligence Study or Mining Project Evaluation. But no matter what your assignment it, MEC Mining has an engrained focus on leveraging the combined knowledge of our team to deliver quality outcomes.

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Mine truck on a mine site

Contract Mining: What’s your Style?

There are many scenarios that might result in a mine owner looking for assistance from a contract miner.  Choosing the right contracting strategy can be something of a mine-field (see what I did there?), depending not only upon the project objectives the mine owner is trying to achieve. But also, a mix of other considerations such as: operating experience; in house capability (or “bench strength”); resources (people and equipment); attitude to risk; geographic location; and financial capacity – to name just a few.  Often the timing around engagement of a mining Contractor is a critical consideration as well.

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