Alternative Fuel Source

Never has the use of diesel fuel in mining been more heavily scrutinised.  Global awareness of sustainable practices is not only impacting the industry itself, but also affecting the ability of the industry to participate in capital markets around the world.

For most mining operations, generally located in remote areas, there is a heavy reliance on the use of diesel fuel.  The shift to clean energy solutions is not a simple one although the potential is huge, with mines typically consuming millions of litres of diesel each year, providing energy for large mobile equipment.  However, new energy sources require careful consideration of the technical and financial viability, including requirements for safety in their design, storage, and operational use.

With the current pace of change in renewable and battery in technology, it is likely that these energy alternatives will ultimately prove cost effective for miners and provide a positive contribution to their social licence to operate.  However, as with any investment, due diligence is critical, and hasty decisions made in response to public pressure could be costly down the track. 

MEC Mining is currently assisting clients in assessing the impacts of alternative energy sources, including use of battery technology and trolley assist for electrification of diesel equipment.  If you are interested in developing an understanding as to how your operation may benefit from a transition to alternate energy technologies, contact MEC for a confidential discussion.

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